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My driver in Sri Lanka - [ Driver Sri Lanka ]

Welcome to Samantha's place

My driver in Sri Lanka

[ driver Sri Lanka ]Ayubowan – my first name is Samantha aka Sam. I’m an experienced tourist independant driver team leader.
Renting a car with a driver is really the best way to discover Sri Lanka!

My only goal is to provide you with a satisfactory service and I really enjoy giving my best in order to become the success factor of your holidays.
I’ll be your Driver manager and also your trip guide and angel, with me all problems find solutions! I will provide you with the best driver condition and also if you wish accommodation booking.

I’m speaking English ONLY.

I have a park of Van and Car with air conditioning (A/C) from 1 to 12 person with luggages.

Everything is included

The package includes the driver service, the car’s gaz, insurance, and driver’s accommodation and meal. NO supplement, NO surprises!

Why Choose Driver in Sri Lanka?

There is no cost advantage renting a car and driving by yourself.
Even if there is, it is minimal. You will get a nervous breakdown caused by the stress after the ride and its not worth it.

Bad or inadequate road signage
 Other than in the cities and in sub urbs road signaling is not much respected. For indications, you still can ask paserbys. But here comes the language problem. Then you’ll need a local GPS…

“Challenging” traffic patterns especially in suburbs.
It looks like 6 traffic lanes are crammed in to 2. Since Sri Lankan drivers are the most skilled in the whole world dealing UN PREDICTABLE MANOVOURS, they expect you to be the same.
Dealing with the fast bus and  slow tuk-tuk traffic is also a big chalenge!
By having to focus on the road you’ll NOT see much of the country that you pass by.

Chances that you hit a wandering cow, dog, goat etc are higher.
Animals roam free in the roads of Sri Lanka. This happens even in cities like Colombo. They just hop in to the middle from no where. If you are not used to it, then you do not expect it. So you are probably gonna hit it.

Habits of the locals, that you are un familiar with.
It is true that road crossings are faded. But, Sri Lankans are not much used to make use of them even when availalbe. Improvised road crossings are a real big problem to deal with.

Fair direct deal with a local Driver[ driver Sri Lanka ]

I’m the founder of this website, there is no “man in the middle”, that takes a big part of your money like tour agencies. My motto is to provide you with a safe, memorable and affordable road trip.

A fair deal works both side : I have no need to direct you to expansives places (Hotels/Massages/Spice Gardens/Shops/…) were I could get a commission like other drivers and guides do, and I will always advice you on demand in your purchases for the best choice and money saving.

For the birdwatchers

I love birds, so I’m proud to show the incredible bird diversity of my country. Even if you’re not an expert I will show you beautiful exotic species.

Discover an amazing virtual round tour of Sri Lanka in 2 mn :

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